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In a far away country of the old Europe continent a fantastic and magical island called Fayrytopya existed. This beautiful country was inhabited by hundreds of wonderful fairies that constantly agitated their coloring wings thus spreading the entire island with magic dust, for this reason all the people in Fayrytopya flew in harmony and happiness.

The wise King Neptune and the elegant Queen Venus whom had two gorgeous daughters, Sabrina the youngest and Melina the oldest, lived in the magical island. The princesses were the sensation of the fantastic island because they had the most magnificent multicolored wings that filled the kingdom of Fayrytopya with color and light.
When Sabrina and Melina were young girls, they lived a fantastic childhood. They shared their dances and games up above in the sky everyday after school, as well as flying around the clouds while doing races with the multicolored butterflies and the incredible birds of the kingdom.
One day, a family of fairies from an island of the Asiatic continent, migrated and established a new life in Fayrytopya because of a horrible tragedy that had affected their home. This family had two stunning princesses, Shara and Debora, which soon established a friendship with Sabrina and Melina. Since that moment on the four outgoing girls decided they ought to play around the kingdom as much as they could and they also painted colorful rainbows in their free time.
In the kingdom of Fayrytopya there was a sense of mystery of magic and fantasy surrounding the princesses when they turned fifteen because their wings turned into a breathtakingly beautiful violet color with silver reflections. Melina already had these violet wings and Sabrina wanted to someday have these wings too. Fortunately, her wish would soon come true because she would soon turn fifteen, so the kingdom prepared to help with all the things for the celebration of her birthday.
The universe and nature were united as one in favor of Sabrina’s birthday. In the sky, shooting stars passed amongst the darkness every night, the bright stars illuminated the island with greater intensity then before, and the wild flowers were dressed everyday with multicolored clothes, the green pasture was harmonious with the blueness of the sky. All through Fayrytopya this was something that had never been seen, and the entire island celebrated with the youngest daughter of the king and queen.
In the meantime Melina began to feel envy towards Sabrina because the kingdom preferred her, so Melina talked with Debora about this and Debora decided to gossip and say untrue things about Sabrina, so Melina started to see Sabrina with different eyes and have a negative image about her.
In the morning of Sabrina’s birthday she awoke with the enormous wings that she had always wished for. The wings were composed of the seven colors of the rainbow. Sabrina immediately flew to Melina’s room. Melina got mad when she saw Sabrina’s wings and decided to go to Debora to make a plan to sabotage them on the night of the celebration. The plan was that while Sabrina was speaking to the people of Fayrytopya, black paint that would never be able to be removed would fall on her wings. What the girls didn’t count on, was that Sara overheard the conversation and decided that she was not going to allow this plan to take place.
The night of the party came and the daughters of Venus and Neptune were two goddesses lightened by the moon; Melina with her violet wings and white dress yet Sabrina had the most wonderful wings. 
At midnight Sabrina said loving words to all the people of the kingdom as well as to her parents and Melina. She thanked Melina for all the special moments they had lived together during their childhood. Melina cried and cried because she was ashamed of the horrible mistake she was about to do. In that moment Sabrina called Melina so that she was next to her in front of all the people of Fayrytopya. When the two princesses were together a magical golden dust fell over them and not black paint. The plan of Melina was not done yet the princess was ashamed, so she spoke with her sister and all Fayrytopya. In that moment Shara interrupted Melina and said that the magical golden dust of the absolute brotherhood was the gift of the family of the Asiatic continent.
Afterwards, Debora decided that she must offer an excuse to the princesses and the harmony returned to the kingdom.
At last, Sabrina and Melina flew over Fayrytopya and they continued to spread their glorious dust throughout the island.
Fayrytopya was magical forever and ever because the kingdom would always have a child fairy in their hearts and everybody lived happily ever after.






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